The movement that has come to optimize the lives of physicians with smart clinical protocols, securely integrated in the cloud, which allows the unique experience where patients can participate as agents of their own health.

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Solutions that follow high standards of registration, storage, security and interoperability in Health Management.

  • Protocols of Specialties and Pathologies
  • Unified and Customizable Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Integration of clinical data and complementary exams
  • CARD with clinical data, photos and patient exams
  • Accessible on Windows, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones

  • Fast and flexible scheduling
  • Automatic reminders via email, sms and whatsapp
  • Exported Reports, Charts and Sheets

  • 100% online and secure (HTTPS level A and encryption)
  • Instant, automatic and scheduled backup
  • Financial Control and NF-e
  • Custom printing
  • Management of Profiles (Administrative, Medical, Secretary)
  • Health Insurance Management
  • ICD 10, Prescribing information, Procedures, Medications

  • Technical Support and Call Center
  • Cloud Computing (Cloud Data Management)
  • Management of digital certificates, data and images

  • Process consulting, technology and health management
  • Customization and on-demand solutions

“It's great to be able to have the evolutions organized directly, in a coherent flow, without having to configure anything because it is automatic. It is much more than a EMR with schedule and financial, it is really for demanding physicians and patients.”

M.D. Henrique Cal | Neurologist
Medical License 52-85447-6

“I particularly like the simplicity of how ProntLife performs complex tasks. The Specialties Protocols allowed me to quickly train the members of my team, ensuring that everyone follows my standard of health care.”

M.D. Italo Marsili | Psychiatrist
Medical License 52-89669-1

“I can now observe clinical cases faster due to data integration. Patients have an up-to-date history and already perceive a more humanized health care, since everything seems personalized for them.”

M.D. Cesar Sabino | Cardiologist, Technical Director of Macaé Polyclinic
Medical License 52.90949-1